About us

The memory of that post-concert high. Music ringing in your ears as you stumble into the diner with
your buddies, bowled over with laughter and decked in your go-to band tee and ripped jeans. You’re
happy, hungry and your appetite’s raring to go. You’ve come to the joint that you know never

Juicy, sizzling, fresh-off- the-grill patties and warm toasty buns. Classic American Burgers with a
Japanese twist.

Grab your grub. Plonk yourself down amidst surf and skate. Palm trees, artsy murals, neon lights
juxtaposed against a wall of classic Vans sneakers, skateboards and 80s band paraphernalia. You’re
right at home.
Chomp down into your burger and BAM, it hits the spot. It’s pure umami magic.
This is it. This is what you’ve come for. This is your escape.
Welcome to B Burgers. The perfect encapsulation of feel good vibes with a smattering of youthful

We serve up mind-blowing burgers that combine classic American deliciousness with a burst of
Japanese flavours. Expect sides (that really, in fact, shine like mains) like mentaiko fries and sriracha
mayo chicken wings with diner-style desserts like frozen concretes and toasted marshmallow

Flipping fresh, flipping good.
This is B Burgers.
A concept by The Benjamin Barker Group.